Online Diagnosis & Treatment


Unhurried discussions with a licensed, board-certified M.D. about what ails you, by video or phone 7 days a week.  Get diagnosed and treated while at home, work, school, or on the road anywehere.


In-Office Urgent Care


We specialize in minor urgent care disease diagnosis and treatment as well as the management of chronic ailments. Visit our office in Duarte, CA for full physical examination, referrals, vaccinations and minor procedures.

Self-Order Laboratory Services


Now you can order the labs you need but without the hassle of long wait times in your doctor’s office. Learn about various health conditions and the labs your doctor routinely orders to diagnose or monitor them.
Look as hard as you dare.

You’ll never find a service like ours because every one of the labs you order is reviewed by one of our MIMPC licensed, highly experienced and currently practicing physicians.

STD Checks w/ Discreet Reports & Treatment


Don’t just think you’re healthy for your partner…know you are!  Order your own STD laboratory panel and get your results quickly and discreetly through double secure, HIPAA-compliant email with 258 bit SSL encryption or our patient portal.  Schedule a phone or video appointment with a MIMPC doctor to discuss results, prevention methods and treatment.


Our Online Urgent Care Services

You can chat with a rigorously screened currently licensed and practicing board certified physician for minor ailments, second opinions, medication refills, and more all from the comfort of your home.

No grid-lock traffic or long waits in the waiting room just to treat a UTI, refill your hypertension medication, or review an abnormal lab result.  Book an appointment now.

Why Take Chances? Get STD Tested Online Today.

No need to guess what to order.  We’ll walk you through it.  You’re not alone when you get your results, either.  Check your STD lab results yourself through our patient portal, and, if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also get a voice recording from the very doctor who interprets them.

Not sure if checking your own labs is for you?  No worries! Speak to a licensed doctor by video or telephone today by booking a phone or video appointment.  We’ll order the labs you need for you.

"Excellent!  Very personable.  Great bedside manner.  I didn't feel judged or belittled...." G.N.

Lab Testing With Us is a Cinch!

It’s as easy as…

  1. Choose your own labs.  No prescription or doctor needed, but one always has your back when you do.
  2. Take your lab requisition form to a Quest Laboratory of your choosing.
  3. Check your email for a secure original copy of your labs along with the voice of your assigned MIMPC provider interpreting your results.
  4. Make an appointment to discuss your results with your provider by phone or video as needed or to receive treatment if necessary.

Self-order lab orders are perfect for:

  • the busy patient
  • patients with chronic diseases requiring periodic monitoring such as thyroid disorders, diabetes, or high cholesterol
  • bashful patients
  • patients who plumb hate to wait

Our Hawk Watch Service

Order your labs with us with confidence!

We’ll prepare your laboratory requisition form for you taking care to eliminate duplicate orders which might affect your cost.

When your results are ready, we’ll watch for any seriously abnormal laboratory values which might require immediate attention and will call you to guide you on what to do.

Our Hawk Watch service is mandatory and included with every lab order.


So, What Are You Waiting For?

Don’t wait another minute to take care of “that thing” that’s been worrying you.  Check your own labs or book an appointment with one our docs today!

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